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by Romantic Feelings

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Another limited run will be available from Bridgetown Records Summer 2015!


released January 9, 2015

Recorded in 2013 at Dub Narcotic Studio, Olympia, WA and mixed across time and space by Ben Hargett

Mastered by TJ Lipple

All songs by Romantic Feelings

Special thanks to Carlton House, Cameron Hostetter, Ben Hargett, Keely Milbourne, Ragana, Nicole KG, Lisa Ramirez and Isaiah Rain, Crosss, Freak Heat Waves, Younger Me, We Play Quiet, Ethan Camp, Crumbs, Eli Moore, Thunderwerld, Briana Marela, our friends, families, and countless others!



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Romantic Feelings Olympia, Washington

don't throw your gold in the pile

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Track Name: Natural History
so many people to recognize
aging dogs losing track of time
don't throw your gold in the pile
don't go giving up on being wild

facial hair and i'm deaf to a pact
made with a god who's not coming back
but good friends keep in touch when they die
that's why i can't wait for the end of time

if all dogs go to heaven
then all bugs go to brendan
Track Name: Time Loss
someone's waiting to give you their time
someone's wasting the rest of their life
to dole out your paycheck
or keep you awake at night

like a postman in spring
choreographed thinking
insightful but cheap
to follow up with nothing
I get that it's hard
but can you show up to work on time?
Track Name: Good Luck
i would / i can't / believe / i trust
that you can see me well enough to know
that i can see you well enough to see
you trust / believe / you can't / you would

loath style, dead drum
childhood is legion where we're from
dressed like a table dressed for a party you're missing
dreams gone, heads hung, i'll go when you're done

my gods, good luck! stay true! keep touch!
so you can see me well enough to know
that i can see you well enough to say
keep touch! stay true! good luck! my gods
Track Name: Crying
taking time with pictures of a baby
making gestures, dressed in a costume, looking familiar
holding hands, three brothers and a sister
counting ghosts for our reunion
can we go home soon?

does it have meaning?
do you have feelings?
do we get older? get boring?

did it escape me?
the web that made me
has spun its name on my changing
Track Name: Counting
trading stocks for the bonds that bought them
trading stock for a broth-less bowl

collecting thoughts to price and hawk
selling parts to maintain a hole

flashing cards at a silent auction
flashing cards as a call to call

moving funds to trusts that falter
losing trust to further a fall
Track Name: Hopelash
end of time, end of everything
are we dead? am i surfacing
to be born to pick that field forever?

friend of gods, how they bully you
their good times all policing you
making secrets of a truth you're telling

with the weight of all that covers you,
watch the shapes as your body goes
you'll begin again where you once started

each world's made in its own telling
in other cities, every dwelling
should we get to where we're going
i will just refuse
Track Name: Reindeer Mountain
even when i stand on my shorter leg
i can see the top of the mountain
if you want to see the top of the mountain
you can stand on my shoulders
as I stand on my shorter leg

teenage habits: some die slowly
some grow feathers, mattress makers
slow sky falling, mountain rising
gold star rhythm: just keep trying
Track Name: Prisms
if there's no one left to carry on like we have been for too long
turn your prisms toward the sun and turn them slowly
as you did your pockets in the hall, velvet-eared stuffed animals,
nurse their angles on the wall and thank god its over

thank god it was
Track Name: Holding
i won't ask permission while holding the feeling, that shadowy half-light
those organs that swallow make movements, i'm alright
in curtainous chambers invisibly threading figures for fretting what's foolish
i talk about you
do you talk about me?

i won't ask permission while holding the feeling, that harrowing signal
those muscles that gesture make shapes, form a circle
in tending to losses with meaningless movements,
i'll make like a stranger whose secrets have long limbs,
and reach for a feather, some pillowy sunbeam
to keep us together, to bind us in one dream
but i'll go without you
will you go without me?

if you find me out, do with me as you would a mirror
wet with doubt that its surface could render things clearer
this burning house, its hands in a problem's been playing out
since the age of eleven